2016/02/01 - Azure Resource Manager (ARM) support, VM monitoring enhancements, more (major release)

New Features

Major - Due to major new changes implemented, new CloudMonix Windows Agent is being rolled out

Major - Introduction of support for Azure Resource Manager API and related VMs, Storage, and Azure Backup Vaults

Major - Initial support for monitoring of Azure Backup Vault

Major - CloudMonix Agents now support metrics driven by custom PowerShell scripts

Moderate - Multi-instance Windows Performance Counters metrics can now be tracked as collection-based metrics

Moderate - Schedule Management screen now has a new column that shows where particular Schedules are used

Issues Resolved

Moderate - Remove button on Schedule Management Screen now works. Schedules can now be removed

Moderate - Dashboards updates instance counts correctly once per minute

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When you say Azure Backup Vault, do you also mean Azure Recovery Services or just a server that is running Azure Backup?


Scott Weigand


This is to monitor Azure Recovery Services' Backup Vaults, and primarily backup jobs running on them and trigger alerts when those jobs fail or take too long.

Igor Papirov

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