2016/02/09 - New SQL Azure monitoring features and automation features for Azure Backup Vaults

New Features

Moderate - New BlockingQueries metric for SQL Azure databases. Metric tracks deadlocks by showing blocking and victim queries with associated query SQL as a collection-based metric

Moderate - New CurrentQueries metric for SQL Azure databases. Metric tracks currently executing queries and their associated SQL as a collection-based metric

Moderate - New Operations metric for v12+ SQL Azure databases. Metric tracks master-level database operations as a collection-based metric

Moderate - New WindowsPerformanceCounter and WindowsPerformanceCounterWIldcard metrics for v12+ SQL Azure database. Metric can track hundreds of SQL-based performance counters exposed thru Azure infrastructure

Moderate - Ability to execute Start and Stop commands for Azure Backup Vaults

Moderate - Status Dashboard - ability to enable/disable resources from the Status dashboard screen

Moderate - Resources Screen - ability to enable/disable resources from the Resource Management screen

Issues Resolved

Moderate - BlockingQueryCount numeric metric now works correctly for SQL Azure resources

Moderate - Manual Action execution icons no longer show up on the dashboard for resources that do not support any actions (ie: Azure Storage)

Moderate - Slight performance improvement for monitoring of Azure ARM-based resources

Minor - Manual Action dialog is now larger and no longer has scrollbars

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1. Ensure that you dont add the Blocking Queries metric for monitored 'master' database, but individual monitored databases instead (as in, your SQL Azure monitored DB should not be master)

2. CurrentQueries metric needs to be checked with "Highlight on the dashboard" to show up in the dashboard

3. Performance counters: Probably monitoring master database again?

If these suggestions don't work, let's take it offline via support chat or support ticket

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1. Where will the BlockQueries and CurrentQueries show?

2. What is the Operations metric? 

3. What is are the WindowsPerformanceCounter metrics? 

We are heavy SQL Azure users. We jumped head first into the V12 upgrade and are using P4 TDE GeoReplicated Databases. And we're always looking for ways to dissect performance issues.


- Scott


We have a blog post on SQL Azure coming up, that will explain these metrics more in depth.  

Blocking Queries will track deadlocks (complete with "who is blocking who" information).

Current Queries metric will track currently executing queries (complete with SQL).  This maybe useful to capture for RCA reasons to help correlate alerts with currently executing queries.

Windows Performance Counters are metrics exposed by SQL Azure from its underlying servers.  I'm not sure how much information we have on them, but there is a ton of them.  More information is here about what these counters are: http://www.jasonstrate.com/2012/11/querying-performance-counters-in-sql-server/

Try adding new metrics, they make sense just by looking at their data.

For BlockingQuery, I get "Error: Retrieval of BlockingQuery metric failed: ; VIEW DATABASE STATE permission denied in database 'master'. The user does not have permission to perform this action."

For CurrentQueries, it doesn't return an error when testing, but not seeing a spot for it within the window.

For WindowsPerformanceCounter, I'm not seeing any Performance Counter Objects nor Performance Counters to select.

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