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IIS Application Pool Monitoring

Is there a way you could integrate IIS Application Pool Monitoring into the Windows Monitoring template? 

We would be looking for an alert went ever the IIS Application Pool crashes. 




During investigation of this request, we realized that this need can be easily solved with Powershell-based metrics.  You can define a metric that tracks output from a PowerShell command.  Then this metric should be usable in alerts.


Get-ChildItem IIS:\sites
Get-ChildItem IIS:\apppools


Two above PowerShell commands will track list of pools and sites and track if they're started or not

Does this help?

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I tried adding a PowerShellArrayMetric to one of the VMs, adding the 2 commands above to the "Powershell Script returing collection of objects" box, but it doesn't appear to be working.


After some testing with these metrics, it appears that CloudMonix agent is currently a little "too sensitive" to capture output of custom PowerShell; results are often not properly sent back to for processing.  We're going to enhance the Agent to become more versatile with PowerShell-based metrics.  Apologies for suggesting a non-completey finalized solution

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Don't sweat it! I still see Azure as a new platform that requires a lot of trial-and-error before getting it right.

We've just enhanced the PowerShell-based metrics functionality to capture all properties of the output.

Kindly pipe results using Select-Object to avoid seeing a significant number of irrelevant properties coming back

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