2016/08/15 - Oracle monitoring, Autotask and Azure Storage enhancements

New Features

Major - Support for monitoring/automation of Oracle databases

Moderate - Azure Storage - support for many more monitorable metrics

Moderate - Autotask integration - support for more fields during raising of tickets

Moderate - Multiple emails are now supported for Alert email

Moderate - Ability to opt out of certain alert notifications is now supported

Issues Resolved

Moderate - Premium Azure Storage accounts are now monitorable, albeit with fewer metrics

Moderate - Autotask integration - new tickets are opened, instead of being re-opened when alerts are raised again

Moderate - Integrations screen is now showing the split between "Alerting" and "Monitoring" integrations

Moderate - Removal of the option to monitor Azure RemoteApps (per Azure's retirement notice)

Minor - "Learn More" link for Zapier integration documentation

Minor - Nuget link on the API screen

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