2017/01/13 - Hotfix for resource groups, performance improvements, and other bug fixes and improvements

Issues Resolved

Hotfix - Fixed resource group dropdowns in configuration dialog for certain Azure resources (WebApps, DocumentDb, Service Bus)

Moderate - List of metrics showing up in the resource dialog will now display the metric category

Moderate - Performance improvement upon loading of the CloudMonix homepage for customers with multiple CloudMonix accounts

Moderate - CloudMonix portal should now correctly reflect the state of the customers subscription after upgrading/switching a paid plan

Moderate - Utilization report will now show all resources by default without a need to select individual ones

Moderate - Email notifications will no longer be sent out to everyone in the CloudMonix subscription, when a new user is invited to join CloudMonix

Moderate - Resource configuration dialogs will now allow user to apply templates from other accounts in the CloudMonix subscription

Moderate - Latest Releases dropdown now contains a hyperlink to all releases on the support portal

Moderate - Alerts Dashboard will now show resource categories

Moderate - Active Alerts dropdown on the portal will now only show active alerts that have been published

Minor - new schedules are now Enabled by default

Minor - Tweaks to wording on Setup Wizard and Alerts Dashboard screens

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