2017/02/06 - Support Azure consumption monitoring, major performance improvements and more

New Features

Major - Initial support for Azure consumption (usage and billing) information by resources, tags, types, and more.  More information is forthcoming

Moderate - Auto-scaling support for DocumentDb collections

Moderate - New Subscription Information screen, with ability to rename a subscription and assign an account that hosts Resource Templates for use in other accounts

Issues Resolved

Major - Performance optimizations for handling customers with large amount of sub-accounts (500+)

Major - Dashboard performance improvements for accounts with many resources and categories

Moderate - Large collection-based metrics (tables) will now properly be visualized on the dashboards

Moderate - Status Dashboard now shows only published alerts

Moderate - WebApps can now be properly added thru Add New Resource dialog

Moderate - DocumentDb Azure Insights metrics should now be properly coming thru again

Moderate - Performance improvements for 'Filter' box on the Setup Wizard for Azure subscriptions with many detected resources

Moderate - When pushing resource templates to other resources, CloudMonix will only match existing metrics/alerts/actions by name when overriding them

Moderate - After completing Setup Wizard, users who chose ARM authorization will no longer have any non-authorized Azure Tokens added to their Credential Vault

Moderate - Expression field on Alerts/Actions should now be larger to accommodate visualization of complex criteria

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