2017/05/22 - Various UX improvements, Actions can post to APIs,

New Features

Moderate - CloudMonix can now post to independent API endpoints as a result of an Action

Moderate - Creation of Resource Categories (dashboards) is now possible without opening Resource Dialog

Moderate - Resource Templates can now be created directly from the Resource Template screen without the need to be saved from a resource dialog

Moderate - Setup Wizard will now prompt user to specify Period and Offer when Azure Billing resource is selected


Issues Resolved

Moderate - Weekly reports will no longer be sent out 24 times on the scheduled day

Moderate - Updated reminder to disable CloudMonix agent on the monitored VM when the resource is being deleted from CloudMonix

Moderate - Utilization & Uptime reports should now be exportable on Edge browser

Moderate - Maintenance Schedule dialog can now be opened from the Account Information screen again

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