2017/12/17 - New metric types for Azure Network Gateways, Traffic Manager, WebApps and Storage. Bug fixes with User Management and Active Alerts

New Features

Moderate - New metric types available

  • AzureWebsiteInstanceMonitor - Tracks utilization by Instance dimension 
  • AzureStorageApiNameMonitor - Tracks API usage details for storage account 
  • AzureNetworkGatewayRemoteIpMonitor - Tracks utilization by RemoteIP dimension 
  • AzureNetworkGatewayConnectionNameMonitor - Tracks utilization by ConnectionName dimension 
  • AzureTrafficManagerEndpointNameMonitor - Tracks request utilization by endpoints

Issues Resolved

Moderate - Resolved issues with improper removal of users from CloudMonix Accounts

Moderate - Active Alerts dropdown on the portal should now be more accurate

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