2018/08/16 - Significant Status Dashboard improvements, Portal is now mobile responsive, bug fixes

New Features

Major - All CloudMonix screens are now mobile responsive

Major - CloudMonix now captures a number of Extended properties for every resource that can be used in alert/automation expressions, Capacity reporting and be visible on the dashboards

Moderate - Ability to RDP to servers from the Status Dashboard

Issues Resolved

Moderate - Occasional "Sequence" error during save of resources added thru the agent has been resolved

Moderate - Significant performance improvements for Status Dashboard

Moderate - Unchecking Uptime checkbox now works for Summary reports

Moderate - Zabbix integration dialog now has a Test button

Moderate - Fixes for new Azure WebApp monitoring settings dialog

Moderate - UI fixes for Firefox browser

Moderate - IE users will now get a prompt to upgrade their browser to one of other supported browsers

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