2019/08/06 - Monitoring for AWS SNS, SQS, RDS Oracle and MariaDB

New Updates

Major - Support for AWS RDS MariaDb

Major - Support for AWS RDS Oracle

Major - Support for AWS SNS

Major - Support for AWS SQS

Issues Resolved

Moderate - AWS Linux EC2 instances are now being properly detected in the Setup Wizard

Moderate - Maintenance Schedules - schedules should no longer be mis-applied across resources

Moderate - Multiple Executive Summary reports should no longer randomly swap charts between daily and monthly views

Moderate - Fixes for monitoring of Azure API Management resources

Moderate - Capacity Report query definitions are now being sorted alphabetically

Moderate - Azure Site Recovery resource should no longer report an "Sequence contains no elements" error during the retrieval of one of the metrics

Minor - Naming conventions that utilize the word Amazon have been changed to utilize word AWS instead

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