2015/05/19 - Various Bug Fixes

Bug Fixes

Moderate - Cloud Roles now properly track instance counts for usage statistics in situations of intermittent failure

Moderate - Azure Webapps (Websites) now better track ResourceStatus metric

Moderate - Azure Webapps (Websites) monitors will now timeout if requests take too long to come back from Azure

Minor - Newly saved templates will properly show up in the templates dropdowns without a refresh

Minor - Last column of custom SQL queries against SQL Azure databases now properly persists

Minor - Layout and Dashboard range are now remembered between browser sessions

Minor - Trophy icon is displayed for paid subscribers

Minor - Download link for CloudMonix agent is now visible in all resolutions

Minor - Resending of user invites now works properly

Minor - Non-valid metrics should no longer cause errors in Expression field for alerts or actions

Minor - Alerts or Actions that use "Any" evaluation function will now attach only entities that matched Aнy condition to alert message s

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