2015/07/25 - Support for Azure Linux VMs, User-based permissions, and new Utilization report

New Features

Major - Linux VM monitoring and automation is now supported

Major - User-based permissions have been introduced. CloudMonix administrators can now restrict users from being able to access Billing, User Management, Account Management, Configurations, etc.

Major - User Invitation process has been redesigned to assign permissions during user invitation

Major - All previous User Invitations have been removed to due incompatibility with new Invite process

Major - Introduction of a Usage report that shows utilization across all accounts in CloudMonix subscription

Minor - Icons for Azure resources have been changed to use official Microsoft logotypes

Bugs Fixed

Moderate - Invited users are now able to use their social logins when registering new accounts

Moderate - Reports exported to CSV are now properly formatted

Moderate - Resource uptime status on the dashboard now uses only the uptime values from the latest minute, rather than last 1hr

Moderate - Setup wizard will now properly show errors when an invalid certificate is uploaded

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