2015/08/19 - Reporting and Dashboard bug-fix release

New Features

Moderate - A new "Don't update Diagnostics" option for Azure Cloud Roles and Azure Windows Virtual Machines

Bugs Fixed

Moderate - Webhook integration, when Testing the integration, now allows for specifying of a notification template

Moderate - Agent would sometimes download with cofiguration from another account in Subscription

Moderate - Azure Service Bus can now be setup thru the Wizard

Moderate - Icons for Alerts & Actions should no longer duplicate on dashboards

Moderate - Reports UI no longer hides Filter panel. There were issues unhiding it.

Moderate - Reports saved with the same-named metric from different resources will now load properly

Moderate - Performance Reports now show resource name alongside metric name

Minor - Account tiles now show Subscription Plan and User counts

Minor - Alerts and Action icons on the dashboard now show Instance names for Cloud Services

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