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VM: Capture Windows Update Status


The one thing I did find helpful with Microsoft's Operational Insights before we gave up and started looking at CloudMonix was the monitoring of Windows Updates on Virtual machines.  We have deployed and use to manage Windows Updates powershell scripts, but would be helpful to get a metric on if the machines need updates to be deployed.



We use the PSWindowsUpdate module from Microsoft, don't know How Operational Insights gets it:

The Get-WUList command will generate a list of available updates, which you can get a count of for a metric. Appling filters will allow you to identify critical, important and optional updates.
If you want to extend this to Actions, the Get-WUInstall command will allow you deploy updates to VMs

Hope this helps

This helps, thanks.  

We're placing this request into the Planned stage, but will need to validate its full feasibility.  Overall, the plan would be to allow users to define a metric that gets its results from a custom user-specified PowerShell script and map those results into either a collection-based metric, or a numeric-based metric.  CloudMonix does something similar with SQL-based metrics, whereby results from a custom SQL query can be mapped to a tracked metric.

Thanks for the suggestion

PowerShell-based metrics have been rolled out to production

PowerShell-based metrics have been implemented and will be rolled out during the next major release that supports Azure Resource Manager. ETA: Q1 of 2016


Thanks for your request. Do you by chance know if a list of available Windows Updates can be retreived via a PowerShell command?  

Reason for asking: would allowing you as the user to execute a PowerShell command whose results would feed into results of a metric, be helpful in this case?

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