2015/10/02 - Service Bus, Diagnostics, and more

New Features

Major - Every resource, during every monitored cycle now visualizes diagnostic log data that CloudMonix generates. This can help with understanding why CloudMonix triggers certain alerts or statuses. This diagnostic log data is also included in the raised alerts or actions and is available on dashboards

Moderate - Azure Service Bus Queue resources can now capture new metrics of type AzureServiceBusStatistics. These metrics are retrieved from Azure Metrics API and represent statistical utilization of Azure Service Bus. Additional Management Certificate credentials are required

Bugs Resolved

Moderate - Changing of user permissions in large, multi-account subscriptions no longer throws Transaction errors 

Moderate - Event Logs without proper description will now visualize RawXml as their Description property

Moderate - Performance Dashboard is no longer reloaded when a new metric or alert is added to a new resource

Moderate - Historical Dashboard URL is cleaned up after the user opens a historical dashboard link from an alert. This prevents dashboard from contiuosly switching to historical mode later

Moderate - Linked metrics now properly show up on the dashboards

Moderate - PagerDuty integration can now be propery deleted or disabled

Minor - Active Alerts dropdown is now highlighted when there are active alerts present

Minor - Dashlets without performance charts are no longer misaligned in the Mini layout view 

Minor - UNKNOWN status is hidden for resources that are not tracking Status metric

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