Q: CloudMonix is reporting for an Azure Virtual Machine that a Deployment ID is missing.  Subsequently no performance data is showing on dashboards

A: VM resource in CloudMonix needs to be edited and dropdown with Deployment Id selected

 - if there are no Deployment ID's in the dropdown, wait 10-20 minutes before bringing up the dialog.  Initial Diagnostics instrumentation takes a little while to propagate thru Azure

 - if there is more than one DeploymentId in the dropdown, this means that your Azure environment contains multiple machines with the same name but in different resource groups; you will need to RDP to the machine in question and find out what specific DeploymentId is associated with that particular VM.  To find out the Deployment Id of your specific Azure VM, RDP to the VM, launch REGEDIT and look under HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows Azure\HandlerState\Microsoft.Azure.Diagnostics.IaasDiagnostics_1.x\DeploymentId  (screenshot included)

Reason for this: CloudMonix enables Azure Diagnostics for ARM-based VMs, but it does not know what DeploymentId is associated with specific VMs due to the lack of this information from Azure.  Legacy Classic API returns this information, while ARM API does not. Thus, manual intervention is needed to let CloudMonix know what specific DeploymentId Azure has assigned to each specific VM.