Many of the Azure Storage metrics are tracked only when Azure Storage Analytics is enabled. Ensure that you enabled tracking them. Even if Azure Stroage Analytics is enabled, metrics might still not come through if the account doesn't provide Table Storage. The Storage Analytics uses Table Storage to persist metrics information. The Table names and connection strings can't be customized, Storage Analytics assumes the same account should be used. Currently only Standard Storage accounts support this scenario.

Specifically, from the CloudMonix perspective Azure Storage Analytics metrics, such as AzureStorageAvailability, AzureStorageSuccessfullRequestsPerSecond or AzureStorageUserAnalytics are currently available only with the Standard Storage. They are NOT available in Blob nor Premium Storage. See Introduction to Azure Storage, Premium Storage and Storage Analytics articles for more details.

The full list of available Storage Analytics metrics and their prerequisistes is covered in the Configurations for specific resources.