CloudMonix provides a number of monitoring integrations that push metrics to another monitoring tool, such as SQL Server, SQL Azure, Zabbix and Nagios XI. The metrics are sent whenever they are captured (i.e. in each monitoring cycle).

The monitoring integration can be selected at the CloudMonix account level, from the Default Monitoring Integration dropdown in the Account Information screen (Account Settings > Account Information).



CloudMonix will automatically use the integration specified on the Account level to send data from all resources which use the Default monitoring integration. The user can also control monitoring integration on the resource level, by selecting a different option in the Configuration Dialog in the Advanced tab.

The specific resource might not send data to any monitoring integration, can use the default specified in the Account Information screen, or can use another configured monitoring integration. The resource configuration overrides the defaults from the Account Information.



CloudMonix sends slightly different data to each external monitoring tool, for example for SQL Server/SQL Azure CloudMonix will push only numeric and UpTime metrics and for Zabbix it’ll also send boolean and string metrics. See articles for specific integration tools to learn more.