Utilization report interface allows users to generate ad-hoc reports showing the utilization of individual resources during a specified time period.

In order to generate an automation report:

  • Select either a new or previously saved report (1).
  • When generating a new report, specify the start date (2), time span (3) and optionally filter which resources should be included in the report (5). 
  • The time grain (4) is automatically determined based on the time span (3). it's 1hr for reports that span 7 days and up to a month. 10min for reports that span less than 1 day. 1 day for reports that span more than a month.
  • Click the Run button (5)

Reports can be exported in a .csv format after clicking the export button (7).

When persisting a report for future use (8), it is important to understand that Start Date is saved in the report definition as a timespan containing the number of days from today.  Example: if today is March 1st and start date of the report was chosen to be Feb 1st, persisted report definition will always start 30days from today.