Derdack Enterprise Alert integration enables mobile notification and alerting capabilities for operational and network teams.

Integration capabilities

  • simple Web Services integration
  • immediate incident alerts in Enterprise Alert for mobile
  • in-app incident discussion and on-call alert scheduling
  • auto-escalation of abandoned alerts


1. Register a web service for CloudMonix in Enterprise Alert:

a. Reach out the page where the web services are hosted. Open the following URL in your browser: "http://<your_server>/EAWebService/EventProviderAPI.aspx" or use the links that are shown in Enterprise Alert Web portal under endpoints:

b. You will land on a page with a list of the supported functions. Create an Event Provider by clicking on a link RegisterEventProvider:

c. Fill in the required parameters as shown below:

2. Setup sending CloudMonix events to Enterprise Alert:

a. In CloudMonix navigate to Account Settings > Integrations and select Derdack Enterprise Alert. Click the plus(+) icon to add your EA credentials:

b. Add your EA credentials you created in Enterprise Alert in the previous step:

c. Fill in the required parameters, test your connection to Enterprise Alert, and save your settings:

You can find the endpoint address in the Enterprise Alert dashboard. 

d. Tell CloudMonix what notifications and from what resources need to be sent to EA. Navigate to Account Settings > Notifications and and create a new notification rule that sends notifications from resources to Enterprise Alert:

3. Configure alerting via Enterprise Alert:

a. In Enterprise Alert configure the alert policy for your alerts:

b. Define conditions for the policy to be triggered:

c. Define the team that will receive the alerts on the Alerting tab: 

d. Configure the types of notifications that users receive on the Message tab:

4. Mobile notifications within the Enterprise Alert mobile app:

Enterprise Alert mobile app allows for critical alerts to be sent to the mobile devices for users to acknowledge, take ownership and collaborate on them with peers:

A centralized alert center can be managed via the web portal by EA admins: