CloudMonix’s event monitoring, metrics and notification capabilities can be extended to 3rd-party collaboration and messaging platforms for maximum operational efficiency. Integrations with CloudMonix already include popular services such as Slack, PagerDuty, Jira, ServiceNow and ZenDesk. Microsoft Teams is another messaging and collaboration application that enterprises are rapidly adopting. Integrating Microsoft Teams and CloudMonix is an easy process using the free Incoming Webhook Connector from the Microsoft Teams Store.

Steps to Integrate CloudMonix with Microsoft Teams

  1. Select Connectors and the Incoming Webhook utility in the Teams Store
  2. Select a Team and Channel for the Incoming Webhook app
  3. Name the Connector and Create the Webhook URL
  4. Copy the URL and log into he CloudMonix portal
  5. Select CloudMonix Integrations and paste the Webhook URL into the Integration dialog box
  6. Manage Notifications
  7. Check Notifications in Microsoft Teams

The first step is clicking on the Store icon on the bottom left of the Teams dashboard, selecting Connectors in the Store left column and then clicking on the Incoming Webhook utility. (Figure 1)

In the popup window, select a Team to add the alert to and then click Available on the right side of the screen.
(Figure 2)

On the next popup window, click Set Up after selecting the channel where you want to use the alter. On the screen below “General” is selected. (Figure 3)

Name the Connector on the next screen and click Create. (Figure 4)

After clicking Create, copy the URL of the Connector for use in the CloudMonix integration and then click Done.
(Figure 5)

The final window that comes up is the Connector Management and Configuration utility screen. (Figure 6)

The next step is to log into the CloudMonix platform and click Integrations on the left blade navigation menu. Then click on the Microsoft Teams link under Notification Integrations. (Figure 7)

On the popup screen in CloudMonix, name the alert and paste the Webhook URL into the box below. Then click Test. The message “Success” should appear after clicking Test. (Figure 8)

In the Notifications window (Account Settings > Notifications) create a new rule for sending notifications from CloudMonix to Teams. Decide what information will be posted to Teams by adjusting the Minimum Severity value and optionally disabling sending certain types of notifications in the Do not Send section. (Figure 9) Learn more about Notification Management here.

Finally, go back to Microsoft Teams and you will see the notification in the selected Teams channel. (Figure 10)


As detailed above, integrating Microsoft Teams and CloudMonix alerts is an easy process using the free Incoming Webhook Connector from the Microsoft Teams Store. If you have any questions regarding Microsoft Teams and CloudMonix integration please contact us any time via online chat or open a Support ticket.