Here is an outline of a few key differentiators


  • CloudMonix provides a ton of additional insight into Azure resources, due to its capability of capturing non-numeric signals and its direct connectivity to various/most resources
  • CloudMonix provides comprehensive starting templates with metrics and alerts, that require no or minimal adjustments.  Default monitoring setups or profiles do not exist in Azure portal

Alerts & Integrations

  • CloudMonix can immediately publish production alerts not only via email and SMS, but to over a dozen different popular ITSM, communication, and system management tools.  Number of tools that CloudMonix connects to, far exceeds those supported by the Azure Portal
  • CloudMonix's alerting engine is extremely sophisticated.  It is capable of evaluating complex and nuanced conditions using metrics from any monitored resources in the environment

Self-Healing Automation

  • CloudMonix is capable of executing out-of-the-box useful self-healing tasks.  Self-healing instrumentation takes seconds to set up and does not require manual coding or complex Runbook scripts.  This capability goes far beyond simple webhook or Runbook automation in Azure portal
  • CloudMonix is capable of auto-scaling a variety of resources using a wide variety of signals and rules.  These capabilities far exceed Azure portal

Visualization & Reporting

  • CloudMonix allows users to scroll their dashboards back in time to get a view of their latest.  This is incredibly useful for root cause analysis
  • CloudMonix stores monitored data for up to 1yr and is capable of generating historical reports and dashboards for that duration
  • CloudMonix allows users to receive scheduled daily weekly, monthly, and quarterly summary reports
  • CloudMonix allows MSP and CSP users to visualize all of their customers under a single view