CloudMonix allows for monitoring and automated kick off of Azure Automation Runbooks. 

Azure Automation Metrics

In addition to Automation/Runbook-specific metrics, users can also configure tracking of Linked and Aggregate metrics.  Linked metrics allow for consumption of another resource's metrics alongside metrics from the monitored Azure Automation Account in order to be able to holistically evaluate conditions across multiple resources.  For example, it maybe useful to link queue count metric from Service bus or SQL Azure metric from a particular DB in order to know when a Runbook script needs to be kicked off.

Special note: aggregation of metrics is available in all but Starter plans.

ResourceStatus string This metric is not supported for Azure Automation accounts.
AzureAutomationLastJobStatus string Last known execution status of a particual runbook. Possible states are Suspended, Completed, Failed, Queued, Running or Starting.
AzureAutomationStatusByRunbook list of objects Metric that tracks a list of all scheduled runbooks and their states.  Individual object structure (runbook state) is as follows
  • Runbook - (string) Name of scheduled runbook
  • Status - (string) Last known status of a scheduled runbook
  • Updated - (datetime) Last time the runbook was updated
  • Details - (string) Status details of the runbook last execution
  • Exception - (string) Exception message, if any, from the runbook's last execution
  • Started - (datetime) Last time the runbook was started
  • Ended - (datetime) Last time the runbook's run ended
Metrics tracking this list must be pre-aggregated before they can be evaluated by either alert or automation engines.

AzureAutomationLastJobStartedMinutesAgo decimal Metric tracks number of minutes since a particular Runbook was started last
AzureAutomationLastJobEndedMinutesAgo decimal Metric tracks number of minutes since a particular Runbook finished runing last

Azure Automation Actions

When particular conditions arise, it maybe necessary to kick off execution of a specific Runbook.  This provides ability for CloudMonix users to kick off Runbook execution, not just on some scheduled, but also when very specific conditions occur. 

Actions are only available for CloudMonix customers subscribing to Ultimate plan or during the trial.


When action is kicked off, CloudMonix will request that a particular Azure Automation Runbook is started.