CloudMonix maintains three core entities that comprise overall setup of the service:

  • Account - this entity contains all of the monitoring settings, like: resources, alerts, actions, templates, etc.  Account is internally linked to a single Subscription.  Account is internally linked to one or more Users.  Account's name can be changed on Account Information screen.
  • Subscription - this entity logically owns one or more Accounts. This entity maintains the subscription level (Starter, Professional, Trial, Ultimate) and billing information.  Monthly charges are added up by adding usage of all Accounts that this entity logically owns.  Otherwise, all Accounts linked to a single Subscription are separate and distinct.  
  • User - this entity contains user login credentials and basic information (Name, email for reset-password purposes, etc).  User is not internally or directly linked to any Accounts or Subscriptions.  Vice versa, Accounts are linked to User.

User Management

  • When a new user registers for the first time, CloudMonix provisions a new UserAccounta and associated Subscription entities.  Account by default is linked to the User and is setup to publish alerts of all severities and for all resources to that User.
  • Additional Users can be added to the Account via an Invite on User Management screen
  • A single User can be associated with any number of Accounts, even in different Subscriptions.  This allows consultants or MSP's to access a number of their customers Accounts and Subscriptions via one login/username.
  • Removal/deletion of Users is not yet possible without a support ticket

Account Management

  • Basic Account information can be updated on Account Information screen
  • New Accounts can be added via Accounts tab in the upper-left corner of CloudMonix portal
  • Removal/deletion of Accounts is not yet possible without a support ticket

Subscription Management

  • If a User no longer is associated to any Account, he is prompted to create a new Subscription upon his next login.
  • If a User is associated to at least one Account, he is currently unable to create any new Subscriptions, only be invited into existing Accounts. (This limitation may go away in the future)
  • The only way to create a new Subscription is to register a new User or to login with a User that is no longer linked to any existing Accounts
  • Basic Subscription information can be changed on Subscription Management screen and further via the "Manage Subscription" interface maintained by our billing and subscription management provider Chargify.
  • Subscription upgrades/downgrades/cancellations and credit-card information can be updated via "Manage Subscription" interface
  • Deletion/removal of Subscriptions is not yet possible without a support ticket