Table of Contents

  • Overview
  • Interface


Historical reports, specifically Performance Reports, allow for display of historical performance data across multiple resources.


Historical reports interface allows CloudMonix users to view ad-hoc or predefined performance reports that show collected numeric metrics.

  • Users need to select either a new or predefined report.  
  • Choose a starting point to report on, the overall timespan and select any performance metrics that are important to analyze.  Run button is required to be clicked when resource metrics are changed.
  • Settings button shows and hides the Resource-Metric selector.
  • Resulting graphs can be shown as either Absolute or Relative data values and via Line or Area charts, similarly to how it is done on the Dashboard.
  • When persisting a report for future use, it is important to understand that Start Date is saved in the report definition as a timespan containing number of days from today.  Example: if today is March 1st and start date of the report was chosen to be Feb 1st, persisted report definition will always start 30days from today.
  • Time grain is calculated automatically based on the time span of the report.  1hr for reports that span 7 days and up to a month.  10min for reports that span less than 1 day. 1 day for reports that span more than a month.