Scheduling of automation tasks is done thru Actions interface

CloudMonix cycles through all actions it can execute and evaluates their criteria during every monitoring cycle (~once per minute). CloudMonix actions can be triggered to executed based on an expression or based on a schedule.  Example from the screenshot outlines configuration of a VM shutdown at 8pm UTC.

Important fields to fill out:

  1. Action evaluation type (Schedule or Expression).  Expression can evaluate real-time conditions, while Schedules-based actions execute at specific times
  2. Schedule.  Users can get pretty sophisticated with scheduling of action execution.  
  3. Execution of actions can target any resources within monitored CloudMonix environment
  4. Commands that can be executed depend on resource type.  Most resources support a number of commands that can be executed on them.  Few resources do not.  To learn more about what specific commands are supported by what specific resources here.

Action definition

Schedule definition is straighfoward