Q: CloudMonix appears to be auto-updating my Azure Diagnostics profile for my VMs, Scale Sets and Cloud Services.  I'd like to remain in control of this process and do not wish your service to change my settings.  How can I prevent CloudMonix from modifying my resources and continue to have it monitore them?

A: By default, CloudMonix automatically instruments and keeps in sync, configuration for Azure Diagnostics for Azure Cloud Roles, Windows and Linux Virtual Machines, and Windows or Linux Virtual Machine Scale Sets.  Configuration dialogs for Windows-based resources contain a "Do NOT modify Diagnostics configuration" checkbox.  Virtual Machine Scale Sets also contain a checkbox that allows to prevent auto-updating of compute nodes.  Linux VMs and Scale Sets do not have an ability to opt out from CloudMonix modifying the diagnostics extension.

BThere are a number of implications when users opt out of Diagnostics modifications or Auto-update of instances for VMSS

  • Users are still responsible for adding metrics manually to CloudMonix.  However, and this is very important, users must ensure that their diagnostics configurations are already tracking those metrics
  • Setup Wizard configures monitoring assuming that CloudMonix manages diagnostics.  If your intention is to NOT let CloudMonix override your diagnostic configuration, you should PAUSE Monitoring first, before running the Setup Wizard.  After Setup Wizard completes, kindly edit all the Cloud Roles and Virtual Machines and check "Prevent" diagnostistics checkbox
  • Users are responsible for properly specifiying diagnostic storage account when Azure Diagnostics Extension is used
  • CloudMonix does not support capturing metrics at frequencies higher than 1-minute intervals
  • VMSS users who run their instances in the "manual update" mode are responsible for auto-updating them to ensure that they are capturing latest diagnostics profiles