LogEntries is a Web service for storing and analyzing logs. CloudMonix integrates with LogEntries by pushing notifications to any LogEntries log. Just like with other types of notifications, you are able to control what resources, resource groups and minimum severities are sent to the particular log.

Three general steps to integrate CloudMonix with LogEntries

  1. Find API key foran existing log or set up a new log that will accept entries sent by CloudMOnix

  2. Set up a new Integration definition in CloudMonix to LogEntries

  3. Tell CloudMonix which notifications should be sent to LogEntries

Detailed steps to integrate CloudMonix with LogEntries

  • Navigate and login to LogEntries website.

  • To create a new log, from the menu select Logs and click Add New Log. Then click Manual (Token TCP/Plain TCP, UDP) method for adding new entries to the log.

  • Alternatively, find the token for an existing log.

  • Copy the token for later use.

  • In CloudMonix open the LogEntries integration dialog (Account Settings > Integrations > LogEntries). Provide the copied token as a Logentries Token when configuring new credential.

  • Press the Test button in CloudMonix's LogEntries integration dialog, to verify that integration is setup correctly. You should see a new entry in LogEntries.

  • In the Notifications screen (Account Settings > Notifications) create a new rule for sending notifications from CloudMonix to LogEntries. Decide what information will be posted to HipChat by adjusting the Minimum Severity value and optionally disabling sending certain types of notifications in the Do not Send section. Learn more about Notification Management here.