A: If you've installed a CloudMonix agent on an Azure Windows VM, but it is showing up as a standalone Windows Server resource, it means that either:

  • Your VM does not have BGInfo extension installed
  • Your VM was deployed thru Azure Resource Manager (not thru Azure Service Management API). ¬†

CloudMonix currently does not support Azure Resource Manager and thus will recognize VM's with its Agent installed only as stand-alone Windows server.  Resource Manager support is in development right now.

Here is the full list of steps (all are very important) that need to be performed if BGInfo extension was not originally installed on an Azure VM with CloudMonix agent deployed thru Classic/Service Management API:

  1. Stop CloudMonix Agent service on the monitored VM
  2. Install BGInfo extension on the monitored VM thru Azure (Screenshot attached)
  3. Remove/Delete from CloudMonix account any resources that point to this VM
  4. Restart CloudMonix Agent service on the monitored VM