2016/02/26 - Azure RemoteApp, Log Entries integration & a number of bug fixes

New Features

Major - Ability to monitor Azure RemoteApp Collections is now live

Major - Integration with Log Entries is now live 

Moderate - Ability to delete last CloudMonix account and thus unsubscribe from CloudMonix

Moderate - Dashboard can now be "maximized" for TV's and other overhead HUD/NOC devices

Issues Resolved

Major - In some cases, ARM-based monitored resources would no longer be monitorable due to expired tokens. This has been corrected

Moderate - Non-instance specific metrics can now be evaluated in expressions of alerts and actions

Moderate - Schedule-based actions should can now be properly saved into Templates and loaded from Templates

Moderate - Dashboard warning is given if Deployment ID is missing for ARM Azure VMs

Moderate - Dashboard warning is given if no metrics have been defined for Azure Service Bus Topics

Moderate - SMS/Phone-based target is no longer shown in the Notification dropdown, if Twilio integration is not enabled

Moderate - When opening Historical Report screen, it is now pre-populated with default "New" report 

Minor - Setup Wizard now contains a link to FAQ article with instructions on how to find Azure Tenant

Minor - Auth0 SSO icon is no longer showing up after an invalid login

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Where's the maximize option for the Dashboard?


The new maximize button replaces the old "Collapse Menu" button.  Kindly reload the browser (or Ctrl-F5 the portal) to see it in case it doesn't come up due to cache issues

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Yea, was a caching issue. We have our Dashboard loaded on a TV using a Chromebook and the Chrome browser with an extension that changes tabs every 30 seconds and refreshes the loaded tab.

Once the CloudMonix tab refreshes, it reverts back to non-maximized. Could the maximize functions be locked/permanent somehow?

Noted.  We'll take care of it.  Thanks for the feedback!

For the logentries integration: I managed to enter my credentials for one of our Token TCP logs, but what to do next?

Apologies for not having proper instructions for this integration.  We'll be creating them hopefully next week.  Meantime, instructions for Zendesk or other integrations are similar when it comes to assigning alerts to be sent to an integration


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