2017/03/25 - Support Azure Virtual Machine Scale Sets (Windows) and various bug fixes

New Features

Major - Monitoring, Automation and Autoscaling support for Azure Windows Virtual Machine Scale Sets (VMSS)

Moderate - Introduction of new InstanceIndex variable to be used for alert/action expressions - applies to multi-instance resources such as Cloud Services and VM Scale Sets

Moderate - User Invites now last 7 days instead of 1 day

Issues Resolved 

Moderate - Azure Windows "ARM" VMs monitored thru Azure Diagnostics will no longer lose their diagnostics setup when brought into CloudMonix, but it will instead be merged with CloudMonix's diagnostic instruction set

Moderate - Azure Windows "ARM" VMs monitored thru Azure Diagnostics will attempt to discover DeploymentId without user intervention

Moderate - The installed Azure Windows Diagnostics Extension for VMs and VMSS is now version 1.5 (instead of 1.3)

Moderate - Azure Web Apps on Basic plans can now be properly auto-scaled

Moderate - Azure Network Gateways now properly report Ingress or Egress rate per second

Moderate - Azure Network Gateways charts no longer show 5-min spikes but are smooth

Moderate - PerformanceCounterWildcard counter tracked for multi-instance resources (Cloud Services and VMSS) now properly tracks data for all instances together

Moderate - Help "Learn More" links for Status Dashboard, Alerts, Actions and Utilization Reports have been updated 

Moderate - Help "Learn More" links for Site Recovery resource

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