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2017/07/30 - Monitoring slowdown in Western EU data region

Critical - CloudMonix monitoring services in Western EU region are experiencing intermittent outages and timeouts when connecting to internal CloudMonix database resources.  Monitoring for CloudMonix accounts in WEU data region maybe impacted.  We're actively diagnostic and looking into the issue

Connectivity issues between Cloud Services in Western EU region and resources in Eastern US region continue and Microsoft has been engaged.  We apologize for the frustration and are working non-stop to resolve this issue

We've redeployed our Western EU monitoring services to North EU data region in order to temporarily circumvent the issue.  If you are utilizing Firewall rules for resources such as SQL Azure and Web monitoring, please update your Firewall rules to include a temporary IP address for our North EU region monitoring servers.  New temporary IP is:

Please do not exclude previously specified IP address for West-EU, as we hope to bring our West-EU services online when Microsoft resolves the connectivity issue

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