2017/11/11 - Significant re-architecture effort that yields better performance for most customers, support for PostgresSQL


This was a very significant release that introduced large amount of re-architecture and data conversion.  

If you are seeing problems with loading of the dashboard, please clear browser cache



Hotfix - LinkedMetrics are now working again (they've stopped working at the time of the upgrade and have been resolved 12hrs later)


Issues Outstanding

Moderate - Status Dashboard can be slow to load for larger customers .  Fix is forthcoming

Moderate - Portal issues with applying resource templates . FIx is forthcoming


Performance Optimizations

Major - Rearchitected backend for Performance Dashboards - expected major improvements to initial loading of the Performance Dashboard for customers with large numbers of resources (100+)

Major - Performance Dashboards should no longer reload after every save of configuration settings

Major - Rearchitected critical internal data structures - expected major improvements to loading of various screens and dialogs and inner stability of the CloudMonix Portal and other UI-related services


New Features

Major - Monitoring and automation for PostgresSQL is now supported


Issues Resolved

Moderate - SQL-based automation scripts for MySQL and Oracle are now working again 

Moderate - Setup Wizard will now correctly name ARM-based Queue Storage resources

Moderate - Large collection-based metrics should now be visible for Europe-West data center accounts

Moderate - Better logging of errors for Scheduled Reports generation

Moderate - Fixes for a few UI-glitches when adding resource categories from Performance Dashboard

Moderate - Add Custom Dashlet option will no longer show up for users with "Read" or "None" account Change permissions

Minor - New icons for MySQL and Oracle resources



Major - Internal upgrade to .NET 4.52 and latest version of Azure Cloud Services that host CloudMonix

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