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Scheduled Reports - Trend Analysis functionality


Could we look into the possibility of "Trend Analysis" please?

What I mean by that is an option to consolidate the alerts within the specified report time-frame:

i.e. Nov 1st to Nov 30th 2017 - Server A = 5x High CPU, 3x High Memory, 2x Low Disk Space on C:

The idea would be to use that in Service Reviews and hopefully assist the IT Analysts and Service Delivery Managers to perform "problem management" and show a reduction in the next month's report:

i.e. Dec 1st - Dec 31st 2017 - Server A = 3x High CPU, 1x High Memory 

Hopefully, this would help MSP's work towards an Utopian world with no alerts!


2 people like this idea

+1 - This update would really help to provide a more organised alerting summary

Fully support this request as it would reduce the "false positives" and allow us to focus on real issues being alerted

+1 to this request, has my vote.

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