2017/12/22 - Important improvement to Azure Service Bus monitoring, other bug fixes and performance optimizations

New Features

Moderate - Servic Bus listing metrics now support tracking of a new property: NewDeadLetters that allows users to create alerts based on newly added deadletters

Moderate - Default/sample monitoring templates can now be viewed from Resource Templates screen and "pushed" to other resources

Moderate - New default monitoring template for Windows Service Fabric VM Scale Sets


Issues Resolved

Moderate - Performance and memory optimizations for Performance Dashboards

Moderate - Improvements for logic that uses Azure Metric API

Moderate - New AzureDocumentDbDocumentCount metric for Azure Cosmos/DocumentDb

Moderate - Fixes for URL/API monitoring that use Windows/NTLM and Certificate-based credentials

Moderate - Transaction dimension added to AzureStorageApiMonitor metric type

Moderate - Fix for how the configuration dialog looks for certain types of Azure Automation resources

Moderate - Removed obsolete portal warning from ASB resources

Minor - Icons changed for collection-based Azure Metric API metrics

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