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Support CloudMonix Agent for SUSE/SLES

update scripts for Centos.7-x64 Agent/replaced command equivalants for SUSE to install the agent but in the Portal VM only detected as ASM no option to select ARM is there anything I can do to get this to work please.

See attached for screenshot and manual commands to install agent

Apreciate your help on this.

Hello Eilesh,

We're working on implementing SUSE/SLES support natively without you having to modify the installation script.

With respect to agent registering the VM as an ASM resource, you will need to first run the Setup Wizard against your Azure subscription that houses the VMs so that ARM authentication is persisted in your account.  Agent installation afterwards should register itself properly thru ARM, as now CloudMonix will be able to find the VM within your Azure subscription

Please reach out via a private support ticket if you need assistance with the last part.

P.S.  We also deleted the modified installation script from this support topic, as it contained your API keys

Thanks for update, but we have some critical SAP services we want to monitor on our SUSE Linux VM, and would appreciate it if we could at least config an agent to allow me to monitor these services. Thanks.

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