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Summary Report timezone settings


Currently our Summary reports are rendered with a -1 hour offset compared to the charts in the dashboard.
Can this be fixed or configurable please?


Hi Matt,

Scheduled reports are rendered in the time zone of the majority of the users in your account, as the report goes out to everyone by default.  Is it possible that other users have their settings in UTC time zone?  Alternatively, you can create a copy of the report where you are the only person in the target email list, and it should use your profile time zone for the charts.


"Scheduled reports are rendered in the time zone of the majority of the users in your account" - thanks, didn't know that.
As to what the majority of my users timezone setting are: Is this something I should be able to see? In Subscription Settings > User Management their preference isn't exposed. I can of course change my own timezone setting in User Settings > User Profile but can't see a way to change/inspect those of other users.


Unfortunately, you cannot see the time zones of other users.  The suggestion here would be: create a new scheduled report that is addressed only to you.  It should take your time zone settings then.  Does this work?

Yes I could but I'm also seeing other weirdness around how dates are shown.
A colleague has the same zone settings as me but gets different times in graphs compared to me.

AFAIC everybody involved in my CM install should be clamped to the same timezone settings.

My biggest concern is the client using their info when on the phone to us - the confusion is dangerous because they're not likely to be calling to congratulate us on work well done at the time :-/

As it stands I think I'm best to walk report recipients through setting an agreed timezone and then checking that everybody's output correlates.

Might also help if the timezone used for any given report was included  - at least then parties can agree they're seeing the same before discussing the data itself.

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