2015/07/16 - Dashboard and other improvements

New Features

Moderate - Resources on the dashboard will now show an overall status in brackets to indicate if they're impacted, down, stopped, or ready

Moderate - Historical dashboard URLs will now open the individual resource that generated the error in a maximized form

Moderate - Reports can now be properly downloaded as an image, printed, and exported to CSV


Bugs Fixed

Moderate - Current Alerts dropdown is now scrollable and will open the dashboard resource in a maximized form on the historical time when alert was generated

Moderate - Applying of a template should no longer destroy data for previous metrics

Moderate - Users who are on Free plan will now be default to 12-hr dashboard view

Moderate - CloudMonix wizard will no longer show non-supported Virtual Networks

Moderate - VPN connectivity tests return better verbiage

Moderate - Agent Key re-generation now works properly 

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