2015/08/28 - New Status Dashboard released along with a number of bug fixes


Major - All /raw/ metric data older than 2 months has been purged according to data retention policy

New features

Major - New grid-like Resource Status Dashboard

Moderate - Dashboard can now be shown on a 7-day range

Moderate - Monitoring frequency can now be increased by resource

Bugs Resolved

Moderate - Deletion of users should no longer error out

Moderate - All system notifications are now published to all users, regardless of Resource-specific rules

Moderate - DTU metric available for SQL Azure databases

Moderate - Setup wizard will now run thru Azure resource discovery quicker and display a better spinner dialog

Moderate - Further hardened invitation process for users registering with social logins

Moderate - Utilization report is now working again

Moderate - Setup wizard will no longer show text that does not apply to Publish Settings option

Moderate - Individual dashlets are now showing their charts properly when maximized

Minor - Alingment of columns fixed on Resource Management screen when Cloud Service resources are present 

Minor - Link to Freshdesk Integration Help article is now working

Minor - Integration dialogs show message about Integrations not being available in Starter/Free plan

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