2015/11/03 - Network Socket monitoring, support for Azure Website Backups and more

New Features

Major - Monitoring support for Sockets (UDP, TCP, etc)

Moderate - Azure Webapp Backups can now be tracked and monitored thru Azure Webapp monitoring

Issues Resolved:

Moderate - Auto-Scale Ranges can now be properly defined by scheduled timeframes

Moderate - Azure Virtual Machines can now be resized to all currently supported VM sizes

Moderate - Non-administrators can now properly switch between different CloudMonix accounts

Moderate - non-numeric metrics on Free/Starter dashboards are now properly showing

Moderate - Instance counts for Cloud Roles are no longer as slow to update on the dashboards

Minor - Instance filtering icon on the dashboard is no longer highlighted all the time

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Can you provide some documentation for how to monitor WebApp Backups? 

Documentation has been updated at http://support.cloudmonix.com/support/solutions/articles/5000557581

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